Repurposed Drugs

According to Nature magazine, “The urgency of finding therapeutic solutions for emerging and existing health challenges has never been more pronounced.  In the pursuit of this goal, the value of a strategy that makes use of existing resources is being recognized: Drug repurposing or repositioning of compounds for new indications. Such approaches are employed against cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV/AIDS and many other diseases. This collection, aptly titled “Drug Repurposing”, includes research and perspectives from scientists at the forefront of this innovative field.”


Dr. Joseph has been engaged in this effort for over  10 years, and has worked with peers from across the globe to find new ways to use FDA approved drugs in new and effective ways, expanding the scope of his approaches to treating his patients. Drug repositioning is a major focus of his practice and has created new ways of caring for his patients.


Nature adds, “The concept of repurposing is a strategy that allows clinicians to apply a diversity of techniques and targets. From kinase inhibitor repositioning to the use of natural products as potential therapeutics against viral infections, the methodologies are as varied as they are inventive. They also showcase the integration of multidisciplinary sciences, computational techniques, pharmacological insights, and molecular biology – forming a cohesive picture of this promising and dynamic field.”