My Background

As a believer in holistic medicine, I used regenerative medicine therapies on myself when I became ill with chronic fatigue syndrome and myeloencephalopathy. But then I gained access to some of the best scientists I was aware of. By working with them and understanding cellular mechanisms on a deep level I was able to engineer a protocol that alleviated my illness. So I can relate to patients with confusing and debilitating symptoms.


There’s a significant research community in this country examining the scientific literature, finding new, science-backed solutions for chronic medical conditions. Just like in conventional medicine, these researchers are employing the scientific method to find solutions for those patients who are not getting relief or clarity from conventional medicine and are searching for different treatment regimens.


I treat every condition uniquely.  The traits of a patient’s symptoms can be caused by a variety of organ-systems and I examine all of these to determine those unique to a patient’s condition. If they exhibit a rare condition I can then research this knowing what their issues are. Then I’m able to generate a strategy and plan that addresses the causes of their problems.


From my analytical experiences with patients all over the US and other countries I’m able to provide patients with clarity about their condition that they may not have found elsewhere.

Meet Dr. James Joseph

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Joseph is board certified physician, fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  He applies his unique clinical training and experience to help people struggling to find solutions to their complex health problems.  His experience is also personal, having had to deal with and find solutions to his own struggles with brain fog and fatigue.  This helps him understand what his patients are experiencing, helping him unravel their condition with novel, targeted solutions that work. His ability to “connect the dots” between seemingly very different conditions has given him a larger perspective on what is actually happening to cause a patient’s health problems.  It allows him to target the most important of these problems, leading to the diagnosis and resolution of others.


Repurposed Drugs

According to Nature magazine, “The urgency of finding…

Anti-Aging medicine

As a boarded fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine…