Regenerative Medicine

I specialize in providing advanced treatment options for individuals with complex diseases who have not achieved desired results.

The Patient Journey

Make Contact:

Call Debbie at (270) 969-0107 or email her at The first thing we will do is help you set up a secured account in our patient portal.  All communication with you will be conducted in this secure environment..

Gathering Information:

Once your account is created, we will send you Dr. Joseph’s Intake Form.  By answering all questions provided, we will have most of the necessary background health information needed for your first visit.  Included in the questionnaire are specific questions about what is impacting your health right now.  All information is secure, private, and protected.  We do not sell or share patient information in any way.

Setting An Appointment:

Once we have the completed Intake Form in hand, we will contact you with pricing and scheduling information. An appointment for a telehealth visit will be scheduled and recorded in your patient portal.

Reviewing the Intake Form: Prior to your appointment, Dr. Joseph will review the Intake Form; if he has additional questions, we will reach out to you through the portal.

Your Visit:

Prior to your visit you will receive a reminder.  Dr. Joseph will call you on the day of your appointment.  Please be prepared to discuss your health issues in detail with him. Additional questions and details can also be placed in the patient portal for review.


We will handle the fulfillment of any prescriptions Dr. Joseph orders for you.  Shipments will be sent directly to you from our compounding pharmacies.  All prescription information will be recorded in the portal.

Treatment Plans:

Any treatment plan will be discussed with you at the visit and will also be loaded into your patient portal.

Following Your Health:

Included in your treatment plan will be a recommended follow-up visit or visits, depending on your diagnosis.  Scheduling will be through the portal.

I look forward to helping solve your medical issues


(1) Initial Consult

(2) Individual Case Assessment

(3) Care Plan

$500 For an Initial 1 Hour Visit

Follow-Up Visits:

$500 – 1 Hour

$300 – 30 Minute

$150 – 15 Minutes

eScribed To Local Pharmacy – $150